Things to do with your last days in Seattle:

16 Jun

The Seattle Public Library Summer Reading Program 2010 - I'm a fan!

Finish Summer Reading of course!  We got Moon down to our local public library branch, complete with the Children’s Librarian of Awesome, and turned in her form with her ten books read since June 1st.  We now have free admission to the Burke Museum, her name on the library wall, and a brand-new copy of How to Train Your Dragon to read in transit*.  Not to mention bragging rights.  In Seattle?  Sign up!  Those with kids too young to read themselves can read to their children for the ten books (and the book prize bin had some awesome board books to choose from).  This was the first year that we had a mix of books Moon had read herself and books that had been read to her, and there was real pride in that accomplishment.

The real trick will be seeing if we can get signed up for the Richmond Public Library Summer Reading Program as well.

*I had been hoping to get her on The Lightening Thief, as it is a modern cross-country road trip book, albeit in the wrong direction.  Comes complete with Greek Gods for added fun.  Alas, I have failed to sell her on it.


One Response to “Things to do with your last days in Seattle:”

  1. Barbara June 17, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    Oh! The Lightning Thief is wonderful! I listened to it and just yesterday downloaded to my Walkman the second book: The Sea of Monsters. (Having just finished The Time-Traveler’s Wife, I need something light!)

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