Moon has a very good friend.

18 Jun


For the purposes of posting here, I’ll call her Audrey.  Audrey and Moon were born 4 days apart.  They have grown up together, practically siblings with the love and rivalry that entails, but each in her own home just down the way from the other.  She’s the sister Moon wanted and doesn’t have; Aubrey’s deceptively shy smile and amazing gift for the absurd are things I will dearly miss about our life here.

Audrey’s family shares her humor, apparently. They have been bridging the gap between the sale of our house and the end of Moon’s school year.  It’s a dream come true for Moon; what five year old doesn’t dream of living with their best friends?  It’s the parents who are left to wonder if they will survive the intensity of their children’s friendships.  Yet Audrey’s family  have voluntarily allowed all five humans and two cats to crash in their basement, invade their kitchen, use their laundry services…

…I am so very grateful that there are folks in this world even crazier than we are.


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