Not all who seek are lost

22 Jun

I’m sure whoever invented the “seek” button on car radios was a guy.  One of those increasingly rare things that seems to live up to the gender stereotype breakdown is channel-surfing, and the seek button is a sort of cruise-control meets channel-surfing right there in the dashboard of your car.

Now granted, Mrs. Damn doesn’t tend to listen to radio nearly as much as I do anyway, but I do think there’s something to be said sometimes for just letting the radio cycle through the local offerings a few times.  Occasionally you actually find something you like, but even when you don’t it does give you a sense of place.

On this last leg it was a mix of:

  1. Christian evangelism (spoken and sung)
  2. Hispanic and Spanish-only stations (which may or may not also fit in to category number one, since I don’t speak much Spanish).
  3. Oldies, by various definitions.
  4. Token rock station
  5. Talk radio/news/produce and livestock prices
  6. Lots and lots of country (which may or may not also fit in to category number one)

At least categories 1,3,and 6 tended to focus on pride, loyalty to your small-town roots, cautions against trying to change things, move to the city, or interact too much with outsiders.  As an outsider driving through town (or presumably as an outside-flavored insider listening to number 2) that’s not always the most comforting message to hear, of course… but it’s not at all surprising.  The number of rebel flags we passed (even here, so far from any historical Confederate action), the Glenn Beck playing at the Mickey-D’s where we stopped for lunch, it’s all so classically non-urban.  Gee Toto, I don’t think we’re in Seattle anymore.

Music can set a soundtrack for what you see, and anyone who’s studied cinema at all knows how huge a difference a soundtrack or score can make.  For a more lowbrow demonstration, you can always click this link to Surprise surprise, it plays music, so you may not want to do so at work.  Press the white button under the screen to change genres.

It seems to me that if part of the goal of this road trip (other than accomplishing the obvious daunting task of moving our family across the country and providing us with somewhere to stay for the months between homes) is to see different parts of the country, then maybe we should take “see” to mean more than that one of the five senses.  Hearing is good too.

Smelling, not always.  Tasting, only occasionally.  Feeling, maybe.  But hearing’s good.

Stunt double- actual stereo is older and does not hold multiple disks. Did I mention I listen to radio more?


One Response to “Not all who seek are lost”

  1. vintagebat June 23, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    Where in Car-The-Second, it’s all “Moon-wants-J-Pop/Captain Bogg & Salty/Star Wars Music” vs “Mom-wants-Muse/Beirut/Delhi2Dublin”.

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