Planning your own trip? Some useful links.

23 Jun

Another rest day in Oregon for the crew — spent Yesterday canoeing on Hosmer Lake, a wonderful camping and fly-fishing spot.  Still learning Oregon mountain names (Bachelor, The Sisters, Brokentop, etc), and loving the chance to enjoy the outdoors here.  Moon is loving ‘helping’.  She helps grown dandelions in her Grandmother’s yard (she is watering them faithfully),  helps make whipped cream and blueberry pies (“I try the cream and say it needs more even though it always tastes good”), and helps with drawing/coloring/writing (her Grandmother found a Make Your Own Little Golden Book which has been very popular).

And the boys?  They are just thrilled not to be in their car seats.


One Response to “Planning your own trip? Some useful links.”

  1. Jan Gavlinski July 2, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    Hey you guys, Tersa gave me your sight. Looks like you are making your way East. Travel safe. Grandma Jan

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