Days of Rest

24 Jun

Readying the Canoe at Hosmer Lake

It’s been blissful — a week without travel, just spending time with family in central Oregon. A chance for the kids to run and crawl around, for the cats to stretch their legs, and for us grown-ups to have family around to have our backs! It’s really hard to think about all of this coming to an end tomorrow, but we’ll have a long travel day ahead of us. If all goes as planned, we’ll see you in Idaho tomorrow night.

And if you’re ever in central Oregon, stop by the awesome High Desert Museum outside Bend, OR. They have native wildlife (grey fox, river otters, bald eagles, a lynx, etc) and plant life, plus play space for kids and ‘living history’ exhibits. So fun to watch Moon’s eyes when we explained that a covered wagon was your moving van circa 1860 or so. Pick up a bottle of their awesome Huckleberry BBQ Sauce while you’re there.

There is so much more in the area I wish we could have done — crater lakes, lava caves… Just a fantastic place to be. More pictures after the cut, for those who want a taste of what we’ve been up to.

Pollux likes the Canoe.

Grandma Holds Pollux in front of Mt. Bachelor

The Canoe Returns!

Moon learns to play Sticks and Graces at the High Desert Museum's Living History section

Castor Loves Grandma's Tasty Necklace

Happy to play at the High Desert Museum


Pollux gets some time with Dad.


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