We’re in Utah, which is lovely.

27 Jun

Hello, Utah!

But it’s hard to admire the lovely when you surrounded by children who really want Out of the Car Now.  Yesterday’s lowlight was poor Castor crying until he vomited while the grown ups desperately searched for a place to stop.  By the end of travel, we were all snapping at each other, and the night ended in tears when Moon’s bedtime story got cut short due to her attempt to injure one of her brothers (“He was grabbing my bed!  He’ll get drool on it!” “We’re sharing a hotel room, it’s not your bed.”).  Not a night any of us are looking to remember.

Unrelated note: why are their so many signs for plastic surgery/liposuction/laser hair removal/etc in the Salt Lake City area?

Next stop, Colorado.  We hope.


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