10 Months Old

3 Jul

10 Months Old.  Really?  How did this happen?  The boys have been growing in leaps and bounds lately — and Pollux finally has two teeth coming through (this process started in Utah)!  He’s also using his words more and more — today while out he spotted a dog and proudly pronounced “Kitty”!  He’s got the idea anyways.  His other big word is Duck, used in the context of rubber ones in the bathtub.  He’s also now standing unassisted for short periods of time, and usually just using one hand while pulling up on something.  There is a rolling stool at his grandparents house that he gleefully uses to cruise around the kitchen.  We’re doomed.

Castor is still winning the teeth battle by far — he has seven of them now.  His favorite (only) word is “hi!” , which makes sense given how much others say it to him.

Both boys are practicing walking while holding people’s hands; can’t wait to try and stuff them back in their car seats for the next long leg of the trip.

More adventures celebrating the 4th here with family; a parade (where grandpa will be featured on stilts), games, BBQ and corn on the cob, and fireworks.  Hope your 4th is a wonderful one!


One Response to “10 Months Old”

  1. Pitter July 4, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Understand there might be fireworks on the promenade tonight–but definitely not in celebration of the 4th. No US flags, no barbecue. Bangers and mash for us, thank you.

    Lots and lots of “kitties” though–from little terrier ones to mastiffs and deerhounds. Pollux would be so pleased.

    Enjoy the respite.

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