9 Oct

“Luke Skywalker is a whiny little brat.”  Page flip.  “Princess Leia Organa is a spoiled little princess, who tries to be effective but is constrained by stereotypes of her gender.”  Page flip.  “Han Solo is a scruffy looking Nerf-herder.”  Page flip. “Chewbacca is even scruffier looking.”

Somehow, “Star Wars Heroes” the picture book sounds different when Mr. Damn reads it.

Castor stole part of my sandwich.  He was so pleased with himself, and I winced as he brought the Turkey covered in wasabi to his lips.  But, oh!  For a picture of his face as the spicy condiment hit his lips and tongue!  He hurriedly pulled the offending food from his mouth, examined it, and then began to laugh.  I wondered what was funny, until he, still laughing, began trying to get Pollux to eat it.  The love of brothers.


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