About Us

Kevin | Cynical, practical, and witty. His grad school is the cause for the relocation, so add a heaping teaspoon of guilt to his contribution to the travel.

Chandra | Likes include describing others but not herself, taking pictures of others and not herself, and coming up with strange nicknames for her children’s online presence.  Thinks she can get away with primarily being the narrator of this blog rather than a character, which remains to be seen.

Moon | Stubborn, strong-willed, and imaginative. Moon doesn’t like to hold still for much of anything, which makes this 4,000+ mile road trip sound grand. Currently on a bit of a pirates/Star Wars kick, which is easier for her parents to stomach than Princesses.

Castor | Taking after his sister in a big way, Castor not only looks like Moon did as a baby, he is following in her active footsteps. He has been crawling since he was five months of age, and can now cross a room in remarkably little time. Is very frustrated to not be walking already, and is in the all-important brain-damage inducing fall-on-your-head-while-pulled-up-to-standing phase of babyhood. Has four teeth and seems to be working on more.

Pollux | Not as physically active, but very vocal, Pollux is happy as long as you stick to the routine. He knows how things are Supposed To Be, and is very against any deviation from The Plan. Guessing that coping with change on the road will not be his strong suit.  He’s also a big fan of food-based decorating.

Tybalt | Dominant cat, escape artist who is too clever by half.

Tomoe | Non-dominant cat. Certainly not the clever one (this is a cat who manages to set herself on fire once). But, um, she’s cute? And sweet. If any of the kids is crying, she runs over to try and purr and rub against the child and make it better.


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