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23 Jun

Another rest day in Oregon for the crew — spent Yesterday canoeing on Hosmer Lake, a wonderful camping and fly-fishing spot.  Still learning Oregon mountain names (Bachelor, The Sisters, Brokentop, etc), and loving the chance to enjoy the outdoors here.  Moon is loving ‘helping’.  She helps grown dandelions in her Grandmother’s yard (she is watering them faithfully),  helps make whipped cream and blueberry pies (“I try the cream and say it needs more even though it always tastes good”), and helps with drawing/coloring/writing (her Grandmother found a Make Your Own Little Golden Book which has been very popular).

And the boys?  They are just thrilled not to be in their car seats.



2 Jun

So in the interests of hauling all our gear for the next two months in a less claustrophobic manner (the back of the Forester being taken up by the cat cage, and the Mazda5 having little cargo room to begin with), I picked up an older model Yakima Rocketbox to go on the roof rack my mother-in-law got us a few years ago.   It looks like this one, but obviously with a different car and with different posts.

The newer boxes are all black or silver (such as the Thule box already on our Mazda 5, a necessity for carrying the double stroller, etc).  White’s not such a bad idea for people moving to sunny, hot Virginia, but it does conjure images of stormtroopers.
Which brings me to the question.  As someone with a bit of spare time now, some leftover spraypaint and masking tape that isn’t worth moving, and a constant desire to fiddle with things: what do you think?  Stormtrooper or clonetrooper theme, or jaws/nose art ala WWII planes?

Filling the POD…

30 May

105 Boxes...

136 Boxes

160 Boxes

170 Boxes

Um, lots of boxes. Lots and lots.

POD Pickup Time

Final count?  200 something boxes, plus assorted furniture, in an 8x8x16 POD (the largest size available, and the only kind available for cross-country moves).   Things Learned:

  • PODs are not watertight. Suddenly, all the not-responsible-for- water-damage lingo in the contract makes sense.  Because of the water leaking in (hey, we are Pacific North-westerners moving in late Spring.  There has been a lot of rain available for testing!), Kevin disassembled some old IKEA shelving to make a bottom layer that could take the water.  Plastic bins as the bottom layer on most columns as well, and bags over our mattresses/furniture.  We’ll see how it has held up when we get the POD back at our new place in August.
  • If we thought the POD Deliveryman didn’t like our hill, he had nothing on POD pickup guy. There was much cursing and prediction of the full shipping container breaking free and rolling down the hill (it didn’t).  But we were not his favorite place.  As the delivery driver said, these things were really designed for Florida or Texas — flat land with really big driveways.
  • PODS make excellent pretend-schoolhouses. Moon loved ‘helping’ her dad load the POD.  And the twins?  Didn’t lift a finger to help load up.  Lazy babies.