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In-suite cinema

2 Aug

Ah, the things you do when you’re stuck in a hotel room or friend’s couch/basement for the 60th day, and need to find something to do with the five year old besides arguing about vegetable ingestion…

Shot and edited on one of our new iPhones.  Have to say, I’m not impressed with the App version of iMovie- can’t clip clips, can’t add music without it completely replacing the existing audio track, can’t adjust audio levels, etc etc, but it’s just a phone, so I shouldn’t expect too much.

Today was a bucket of fail for the most part; folks short on sleep and cranky, arguments about food at two instead of the usual one meal per day, several hours at the DMV before they told us they couldn’t process our new plates yet because the system in WA used to confirm VIN numbers is down for some reason, but they’d call (they haven’t).  Tried to pull it out of that with a nap for Mrs. Damn, some quality playtime (if not quality movie-making) with Moon, cooking dinner, cleaning up, reading story, doing laundry, etc, but overall it’s still at best a wash.

Which reminds me- time to go transfer laundry…


Meet “Elizabeth”: Road Trip Gear for Kids

28 Jun

Elizabeth is our Garmin GPS unit.  I was feeling terribly clever; give our GPS unit a British accent and downloaded The Black Pearl vehicle, and voila!  We have Elizabeth Swann from the Pirate’s Movies to be our navigator.  I have since found at least two other folks who came up with the same bit, so I am feeling much less clever now.  But this still works to entertain our pirate-loving Moon.  Then again, so does my driving  (“Make it say, ‘recalculating’ again Mommy!”).

Don’t have a Garmin GPS?  Tomtom just released Official Star Wars Voices for their devices.  A favorite game of my youth was pretending that Darth Vader was driving the airport trams in the Atlanta Airport — I can only imagine the glee if he had been navigating in our car, too.