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Best laid plans of mice and men…

30 Jul

And sometimes, even the shoddy plans we make go awry. No Montauk, just South to North Carolina where it was inexplicably cooler than Virginia (Where the temp hovered around 104).  That heat and humidity we were forgetting back in Colorado is here with a vengeance.

Here are some photos of time with Grandpa in the triangle area:

In a strange limbo now, a time of bureaucracies and city permits while we wait for our lease to start, prepping for the move.  Feels so close and yet so far.


Not all who wander have somewhere to go home to…

26 Jul

So what was meant to be a travel blog may be coming to its end, shortly.  What was meant to be a cross-country adventure with many interesting and educational stops, the longest being in Colorado and New York, changed.  What was meant to be well documented, wasn’t.  Apologies all around.

The latter half of our mileage ended up being a mad dash through scorching heat, unable to stop for more than five minutes without fear of the cats dying in a hot car, until the end-of-day stop at a pet-friendly (or at least tolerant, for varying extra fees) hotel, the ritual unloading of two cars, the finding of fast food, the arguments about food, Moon being up later than she should, and then a mad dash to get everything back in the car to do it again in the morning.  Any hope of interesting sight-seeing stops got splattered on the windshield somewhere back in Utah, I think.

We did get the check engine light fixed under warranty, and the laptop fixed under Applecare, both for free, so some of the trials have had happy endings.  Likewise the brand-new, top-of-the-line iPhone that Mrs. Damn’s been wanting forever and that we finally got was stolen two days later, but also recovered within an hour or two due to Mobile-Me tracking and the assistance of the Chapel Hill Police Department.  Things could be much worse, but they haven’t been the most photogenic, or made for the best stories.

It’s also been an anticlimactic series of re-runs, as well.  First I flew to PA, then flew back so we could drive to PA.  Then we felt the need to go take care of some chores in Richmond (Moon’s school registration, securing a parking permit for the POD, etc), and at that point between the driving and the decreased time left and the setup that would need to happen in the currently unoccupied residence at Montaulk, Mrs. Damn decided to forgo that leg of the journey.  The hotel we were in while in VA was overpriced and mediocre, though, having been chosen for being on the North end of Richmond (as I thought we were just coming from and going back to the North shortly).   We ended up invading Grandpa Damn down in North Carolina, where we’re currently camped out in his living room.  Still not sure exactly when we’re heading up to Richmond, although it will have to be prior to our move-in date if only so we can find a way to block off the parking spaces (30 feet worth of street parking) we bought that permit for.

I’m not sure what Mrs. Damn, whose I consider this blog’s creator and owner, will opt to do from here.  Continuing to chronicle our adventures here would turn a travel blog in to a cabin-fever-due-to-heatwave, no-home, fighting over food with the 5yo, trying-to-stop-babies-from-killing-themselves, tired-of-eating-out, frustrated-with-not-being-able-to-get-anything-done, wish-we-had-our-own-space blog, which really isn’t something worth re-living or imposing on others I would think.

At any rate, this blog may well do more wandering than we do for a little while, and like the rest of us I’m not entirely sure what it will become when it gets wherever it’s going.  Still, feel free to come along for the ride.  There’s always room for one more… as long as you don’t mind cramped quarters, crying, and the smell of a warm litter box in the back.