New posts in a new location…

31 May

I have moved the blog onto my own server, so expect updates at:


Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll see you over there!


Lewis Ginter is exhausting.

16 May

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Snappy Mother’s Day

11 May

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Our Little Math Nerd…

28 Mar Nails

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No, thank you!

13 Feb

Castor is saying more and more (up, down, more, no, horse, fish, etc). My favorite new edition to his vocabulary is “Thank You!”, identifiable more by tone and context then the actual phonics. Here’s hoping that one sticks!

Castor is also expert enough in his climbing that the chairs in our dining room can’t stay at the table. If we forget, he is there in a heartbeat, throwing our food, Moon’s homework, and whatever else he finds to the floor.

Pollux is content with his vocabulary of animal noises. “Moo!” “Baa!” “Hoo!” “Caw!” “Roar!” get us through our day, with lots of time spent on books like “Who says Moo?” and “Dear Zoo”.

Pollux is a great physical mimic; he kicks balls, attempts rolls, and is fascinated when Moon practices her Kung-Fu. It’s been impressive to see what he can accomplish.

And much to her delight, they both say, “Moon!”. They would happily follow her anywhere. If I was ever the subject of such adoration from my younger sibling, I did not deserve it.

Giving Thanks…

25 Nov 2008

So, so much to be thankful for.  Right now, the little girl who has continued a Thanksgiving Tradition since her birth is much of it:

Thanksgiving, 2010. Our Turkey is getting a bit big for the pan.







Hope Thanksgiving finds you with full bellies and good company.

Castor takes up Baby Care

15 Nov


Those babysitting jobs are gonna be rolling in after this.


31 Oct

Much of the content of our new everyday lives is going on Facebook, or just going unreported due to the demands on our time… but this seems to apply nicely to our journey. If nothing else, it’s the first area we’ve found in which our new neighborhood thoroughly trumps our old neighborhood.

All this happens just a block or so up from our house. The police close the street off for several blocks, and the crowds mostly close it off for several more.  Only one house was deemed too scary to go ask for candy.  Double strollers are unfortunately not made for navigating crowds, but as masses of humanity go, this was pretty painless.


9 Oct

“Luke Skywalker is a whiny little brat.”  Page flip.  “Princess Leia Organa is a spoiled little princess, who tries to be effective but is constrained by stereotypes of her gender.”  Page flip.  “Han Solo is a scruffy looking Nerf-herder.”  Page flip. “Chewbacca is even scruffier looking.”

Somehow, “Star Wars Heroes” the picture book sounds different when Mr. Damn reads it.

Castor stole part of my sandwich.  He was so pleased with himself, and I winced as he brought the Turkey covered in wasabi to his lips.  But, oh!  For a picture of his face as the spicy condiment hit his lips and tongue!  He hurriedly pulled the offending food from his mouth, examined it, and then began to laugh.  I wondered what was funny, until he, still laughing, began trying to get Pollux to eat it.  The love of brothers.

First day of Big Kid School.

7 Sep
First Day of Kindergarten!

First Day of Kindergarten!

Wow. How did we end up here?